October 9, 2014
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Worldwide communication for Asian MNCs: PR’s next big thing?

I was honoured to be the lead-off speaker at this year’s ICCO Global Summit in New Delhi on the topic of “Worldwide communication for Asian multinationals: PR’s next big thing?”

Almost 200 companies on the Fortune 500 list are now from Asia, but most of these rising multinationals – notably the nearly 100 based in China – remain relatively unknown outside their home regions. This next generation of worldwide titans are now wondering whether and how to use public relations to help build global brands, representing one of the industry’s biggest commercial opportunities. This new wave of companies will become world famous for the very first time in a social media age, but their embrace of PR as a critical corporate function is by no means a foregone conclusion. With Asia the world’s emerging centre of economic gravity, the region will be a critical battleground for the future of international public relations.

To see this presentation, please click here or the image below. As always, I look forward to receiving the benefit of your feedback!

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 19.10.30


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