February 23, 2016
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Trudeau and Trump on Twitter

Trudeau and Trump on Twitter

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump are among the world’s hottest political properties these days, and the fortunes of both have soared through their gifted use of social media.

Indeed, I think that they are now arguably North America’s most digitally savvy politicians, particularly on Twitter where both men come alive for all to see.

It is obvious that Trudeau and Trump understand social media has changed the rules of the game. Both are masters of tuning into the emotional wavelength of their supporters. Both will often lead their respective countries’ news cycles through their posts.

So they share some things in common, but the more I think about it, the more I believe these two guys represent opposite ends of the social media style spectrum, which reveals how diametrically different they are as leaders.

There is no doubt who the alpha male is on social media when Trump blasts away howitzer-like on Twitter. His feed is a must-watch space for everyone following the car-crash spectacle of American presidential politics. He is the master rabble-rouser and king of the outrageous. Plus you can tell it is him doing the Tweeting more often than not.

Trudeau is strikingly different. It’s facile to observe that he is politically correct (as opposed to Trump), but he does earnestly endeavour to be the impeccable social media exemplar, making everyone feel important and included while advancing his polished point of view.

There is actually a lengthy list of communications contrasts between these two leaders. Here is a very subjective rough inventory (in no particular order with as little prejudice as possible), which has easily come to mind:

Trudeau and Trump on Twitter

Despite some parallels, Trudeau and Trump are photographic negatives of each other in terms of their digital leadership communication.

It’s hard to imagine more ‘social’ leaders than these two, even with their divergent political and personality polarities.

My own view (and I admit my bias as a Canadian) is that Trudeau’s style is ideal and his approach preferable. However, he is almost too ‘perfect’ and he can also come across as somewhat syrupy.

Trump I find alarming and shocking, but compelling and inescapable nonetheless.

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