May 10, 2010
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The wide world of PR Week

It’s super to see how the new PR Week global edition seems to be flourishing.

For different reasons, I’ve been a fan of both the US and UK PR Week publications for years, but as each is so geared to the American and British domestic audiences (respectively), there was a gigantic ‘rest of the world’ blind spot between them and now we have a fresh source of international PR news content.

Indeed, I’ve been fortunate of late to provide commentary on PR Week’s market focus reports for Canada and for Japan.

Considering the increasingly worldwide nature of communications consulting, there surely should be more room for quality journalism in this space and now we have another key player.

1 Comment
  1. You’re posts continuously inspire me about the global growth of value of international PR. How can we consider the globalization of, well everything, without attesting to the expansion of the communication that binds it all?

    The term, ‘eyes wide open’ comes to mind.

    Thank you, Bob for the update!


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