December 3, 2014
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The top global trends in public relations today

I was in Seoul recently, addressing Kia Motors Corporation’s global public relations conference on the top trends in the world of PR. In my role as Kia’s first international communications counsel starting in 2002, I was deeply involved in the design and development of their worldwide corporate PR system. My team’s early catalytic contribution was recognized in a speech by Kia’s global COO at the annual PR team dinner on December 3rd, and it was a proud moment in reflecting on what Kia has achieved since that time. To see the presentation, click here or on the presentation cover below.

Top global trends in PR today cover page

Speed * Chaos * Complexity * Hyperconnectivity * Data * Design * Listening * Egomania * Storytelling * Visualization * Creativity * Psychology * Asymmetry * Retro * Meaning * Apology

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