April 20, 2022
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NYU guest lecture

“Tackling the toughest challenge in PR: truly global corporate communication” is the topic of the guest lecture I just gave to master’s students at the NYU School of Professional Studies class of my friend Ana Mollinedo Mims, a distinguished corporate affairs executive. At 120 slides over 120 minutes, this was my longest-ever university presentation. Especially with American and Chinese students in the class, I focused on East-West corporate comms dynamics and how the 135 Chinese companies now on the FORTUNE 500 list (vs. 122 American) represent the new wave of worldwide public relations opportunity. As always (and I suppose this is a selfish motive for my doing these), I learned a lot from the smart students’ questions, which included the critical post-pandemic importance of leadership communication and the internal communication imperative during the ‘great resignation.’ We also touched on the legacy of colonialism in global marketing and the risks and limitations of US-centric and China-centric client and agency attitudes towards public relations and corporate communications.


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