December 17, 2014
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My take on Uber’s spectacular PR gaffes

Uber's PR gaffes

PRWeek sought my views on all the PR mistakes which Uber has been making of late; the article can be found at this link and my quotes are as follows:

“Uber has been rocked by one PR blunder after another, and it looks like an arrogant attitude and hubristic way of thinking are behind this tendency,” said Bob Pickard, Asia-Pacific Chairman at Huntsworth in Singapore. “They are failing the PR grade by asking the wrong question of ‘What is the right thing to say?’ rather than ‘What is the right thing to do?’”

“They’ve been struggling in what looks like an improvised and amateur way, and often it seems there is a yawning chasm between the content of their communications and the seemingly grasping commercial imperatives behind the image mask they’ve fashioned for themselves.”

“Corporate culture informs corporate communications,” said Pickard. “And from what I’ve read about the Uber way of doing things, there is absolutely no reason to believe that this ‘issues rich’ company will stop making spectacular PR gaffes.”


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