May 11, 2015
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Learning to master constant change with EQ

I wrote some very brief comments for The Business Times of Singapore concerning the skills professional communicators will need in the future to become the best they can be. The 150-word piece is as follows:

Staying ahead of the future - Bob Pickard

Throughout my career, I’ve been very interested in continuous learning and mastering new skills. Ever since doing PR for the publisher of the first scientific measurement tool for emotional intelligence (EQ) in the United States (when I lived there in the late 1990s), I’ve been a big believer in it and have used various EQ resources in staff development and employee recruitment in North America and North Asia. It’s been said that while IQ might help earn a job offer, it is EQ which determines the extent and speed of one’s ascent in the organization. While IQ is thought to be a ‘fixed’ measure of intelligence, EQ is known to be dynamic and subject to continuous improvement through the self-awareness that comes with testing and training.

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