April 29, 2015
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Interview about YouTube’s 10th anniversary on Channel NewsAsia

On April 23rd, I was honoured to be on Channel NewsAsia TV talking about the social media significance of YouTube’s 10th anniversary. I was interviewed live at the anchor desk by the splendid Julie Yoo (the on-screen lady behind me in this photo). Julie is from Korea – where I used to live during the last decade – and before the interview, we traded notes about how YouTube provided not only a platform for the global launch of the artist PSY (whose ‘Gangnam Style’ remains the most-watched video in history at 2.3 billion views and counting), but also for K-pop in general. Indeed, Korea’s ‘soft power’ as a confident exporter of its culture was buttressed in a way that would have been unthinkable prior to the advent of social media. I’ve been on YouTube for a long time and have a channel although it is relatively inactive compared to my other social media accounts (copyright restrictions on my past media interviews prevent more frequent posting).

TV interview

Channel News Asia


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