January 26, 2015
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Social media is a powerful weapon in the war against corruption

In today’s The Business Times (southeast Asia’s leading commercial daily), I was quoted about how social media is a powerful weapon in the fight against corruption:

“The more ‘social’ business becomes, the less corrupt it can be. Social media is the key to creating commercial communities of the highest character where ideas are solicited, standards are shared and rules are enforced. Corruption tends to lurk in the shadows, where social media exposes and illuminates. Social media should therefore be a fundamental part of corporate communication, which shapes company culture, which determines whether or not there’s an environment conducive to corruption. Co-creation through conversations with employees is essential, with openness and transparency not just reasonable expectations, but everyday realities of how a business thinks and works. Social media is taking a wrecking ball to the old walls separating previously distinct business functions where graft could fall through the cracks, and is the one platform that can cut across entire enterprises and industries and create a new rallying point against corruption.”

Social media a powerful anti-corruption weapon

I’ve been supporting the anti-corruption cause for more than a decade, and this May will be delivering a speech to Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption on how new media is creating a ‘social operating system’ which can be used to combat corruption across society.

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