January 19, 2018
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Comment in PRWeek on Facebook’s ‘news feed’ changes

The United States edition of PRWeek based in New York recently asked some senior PR executives to comment on Facebook’s plans to change the social network’s ‘news feed’ and what that means for public relations.

Here’s my quotation which I was pleased to contribute:

“This is a clear sign that we’re approaching ‘peak-Facebook’ and they are scrambling to engineer ways to keep their network compelling as people start to tune out (or use the platform in a warier way). Every PR pro who works hands-on with Facebook knows that it’s become a pay-to-play place where advertising money conspicuously manipulates and distorts and controls what and who people can see in the stream. The changes Zuckerberg described seem to acknowledge that there was a growing backlash. From what I have seen so far, Facebook’s coming News Feed pivot should allow us PR people to profitably apply our most valuable assets to the new system: our publicist’s mindset, our eye for angles, our relationships-centrism plus our peer-to-peer knack for community cultivation and engagement. We’ve always been better at earning it rather than needing to buy it.”

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