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The great Harold Burson

Today, like so many others in public relations, I was saddened to learn about the passing away of Harold Burson, a giant in the global PR consulting industry. Many others knew Harold better […]

Posted January 10, 2020

Improving climate change communication

It has been a few months now since I posted a piece on ‘the climate change PR disaster.’ That modest missive was aimed at the global public relations industry, which has the […]

Posted April 21, 2014

Visualizing the rise and fall of marketing monikers

Lately I’ve had great fun playing with the Ngram Viewer, which visualizes the presence of keywords and phrases used in the countless books which Google has scanned in recent times. Given all […]

Posted December 10, 2013

The marketing might of modern public relations

On March 23rd I was honoured to address the Bangladesh Brand Forum seminar in Dhaka. In my presentation, I argued that: social media is revolutionizing the way the world communicates and it […]

Posted March 26, 2013

The PR industry remains strong

[The following draft is a rough translation into English from the article above which appeared in Bisnis Indonesia] The public relations industry is a relatively new line of business which is seeing […]

Posted October 8, 2012

The Holmes Report’s ‘ThinkTank’

During the past week I enjoyed my debut as a regular contributor to The Holmes Report’s new ‘ThinkTank’ section. Through this summer, I’ll be writing about news and views from Asia-Pacific. Here’s […]

Posted May 17, 2011


A rising PR industry trade journo asked me to answer some questions today. I don’t know how much of the material she’ll use, or whether it’s that interesting, but here it is, […]

Posted April 12, 2011

The wide world of PR Week

It’s super to see how the new PR Week global edition seems to be flourishing. For different reasons, I’ve been a fan of both the US and UK PR Week publications for […]

Posted May 10, 2010

Do management consultants make good PR people?

During my travels around Asia these past few weeks, I keep hearing about how management consulting firms are trying to get into the public relations business. I reckon that we PR people […]

Posted May 1, 2010