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Public launch of new CEOs

When the public debut of Air Canada’s CEO became a total PR fiasco, it became crystal clear that this happened because the communications strategy for his launch (if there was one) was […]

Posted November 5, 2021

The leadership communication imperative

This week I guest lectured the smart students of the McMaster-Syracuse Master of Communications Management program for professional communicators. My topic? “The leadership communication imperative.” Our focus? How the pandemic has boosted […]

Posted October 16, 2021

Reuters story on Japanese CEO’s leadership comms

The quirky and striking presentation slides of SoftBank Group star CEO Masayoshi Son have been attracting attention both in Japan and internationally owing to their distinctive style and attention-riveting properties. This is why […]

Posted May 21, 2020

Can Justin Trudeau be safe and sorry?

This is an article that I co-wrote with Professor Jonathan Rose of Queen’s University for The Globe and Mail newspaper which appeared in its print and online editions on September 23rd 2019: The shocking blackface […]

Posted September 23, 2019

Communicate feeling, not just thinking

I felt fortunate to be interviewed for this timely article by April Fong of BNN Bloomberg on the charismatic leadership comms of Masai Ujiri, president of the Toronto Raptors who are taking […]

Posted June 1, 2019

Striking the right emotional chord on social media

Today leaders need to communicate real-time and strike the right emotional chord in the ‘now’ of present moment public sentiment. I addressed this new imperative during an hour-long show on CBC Radio, […]

Posted May 1, 2019

Image ≠ Reputation

This is an article that I wrote for The Globe and Mail newspaper which appeared in its print and online editions on April 16th 2019: In order to regain public trust, SNC-Lavalin will have […]

Posted April 16, 2019

Interview on the Business Leadership Podcast

I have just recorded a new in-depth audio program on The Business Leadership Podcast that tackles the topic of c-suite executive communication on social media — a red-hot trend in public relations and […]

Posted February 12, 2019

Commenting on Elon Musk’s PR challenges

I was on CTV National News commenting on Elon Musk’s PR challenges owing to his social media communication. For the video, click here.  

Posted July 16, 2018

The PR peril of ‘burner’ accounts on social

I was back on BNN Bloomberg talking with Jon Erlichman about the latest PR disaster for a senior executive on social media. This time around, rather than the leader doing something dumb on his […]

Posted June 22, 2018

Facebook leadership PR

My comments are in this article which appeared in The Guardian on March 29th looking at the Facebook controversy through the lens of Sheryl Sandberg’s leadership image and her relatively low profile during […]

Posted March 29, 2018

Newspaper column on avoiding ‘PR disaster’

This is an article that I wrote for The Globe and Mail newspaper which appeared in its print and online editions on March 27th 2018: Dear CEOs in crisis: Here’s how to […]

Posted March 27, 2018

Speech to the Albany Club

Recently my business partner Nik Nanos and I delivered this new presentation to a private luncheon audience of more than 100 people at The Albany Club. Our theme: PR disasters — Is social […]

Posted October 18, 2017

A publicist president

“A disruptive innovator, using social media and the genius for publicity to win a presidential election on the cheap” — The Economist Lexington column on Trump, 1/7/17 When I spent the better […]

Posted January 20, 2017

The Center for the Future of Organization

Today I am excited to share the news of my appointment as an Executive Fellow for the Center for the Future of Organization (CFFO), an independent think tank at the Drucker School of Management […]

Posted December 20, 2016

Trudeau and Trump on Twitter

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump are among the world’s hottest political properties these days, and the fortunes of both have soared through their gifted use of social media. Indeed, I think that they are […]

Posted February 23, 2016

My media day with Donald Trump

As he is now contending for the U.S. Presidency, just for fun I would like to recall my time with past client Donald Trump during 2001 when he was in Canada to announce his future […]

Posted October 27, 2015

Featured by Twitter in their ‘Tweets from the Top’

I was delighted to be featured by Twitter in their recent ‘Tweets from the Top’ book series. This signature Tweet of mine was put into their ebook, which can be accessed here. Twitter also […]

Posted January 16, 2015