June 22, 2018
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The PR peril of ‘burner’ accounts on social

I was back on BNN Bloomberg talking with Jon Erlichman about the latest PR disaster for a senior executive on social media. This time around, rather than the leader doing something dumb on his own Twitter account, this one fed his wife confidential information to attack his enemies on bogus ‘burner’ accounts she/they surreptitiously created to polish his image. This sleazoid practice happens more than people realize, but with journalists and bloggers connecting the dots forensically, the risk of being busted is very high. Bryan Colangelo has since stepped down as the president of the Philadelphia 76ers. I discussed the lessons learned from this case and and stressed that it’s far better for an executive “to have a presence and to build a positive image” than to “try to wreck other people’s reputations or try to buttress your own through these bogus accounts.” Check out the full interview here.

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