August 7, 2016
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A quarter century of lessons learned working in the PR world

Summarizing my professional journey, this presentation explains a signature ‘lesson learned’ for every single one of the 25+ years of my PR career working in five countries (USA, Japan, Canada, Korea and Singapore) helping clients communicate around the world. It was primarily written for younger people who are now starting out in the public relations profession:

Here’s a list of the lessons:

Connections are the key (1990)

Ace your starter account (1991)

Go international ASAP (1992)

Embrace new technology (1993)

Know what equity is (1994)

Good people attract the same (1995)

Dare to do something different (1996)

Honesty is profitable (1997)

Domain expertise matters (1998)

Quality drives PR demand (1999)

Sell high if you’re feeling low (2000)

Trust but verify (2001)

Listen, then act (2002)

Public speaking inspires (2003)

Make your successor a ‘hero’ (2004)

Tackle the tough ones (2005)

Know foreign affairs (2006)

Digitize everything you do (2007)

Beware duplicity (2008)

Read & refresh professionally (2009)

Don’t take the wrong job (2010)

Expect second-guessers (2011)

Know when to go (2012)

Be fit to lead (2013)

Do PR for PR (2014)

It’s about the journey (2015)

In a busy PR life, it’s hard to pick just one lesson per year, and indeed if this presentation were listing all my many mistakes (and I have made some spectacular ones), then it would be a much longer piece.

Actually, I’m still learning every day and feel fortunate to be building my career in public relations — at such a great time to be alive in our industry — alongside so many wonderful people.

I’m planning to be a lifelong PR, doing what I do for decades to come.


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