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Comments on Japan Inc.’s global PR strategy

Recently with the appointment of some foreigners to high-profile global communications chief roles at Japanese multinationals (which is not an everyday occurrence), Arun Sudhaman of The Holmes Report asked me to supply comments for […]

Posted March 6, 2015

A decade doing PR in Asia

It was exactly ten years ago today that I arrived in Asia at Seoul to start writing a brand new chapter in my communications career (after 12 years working in the North […]

Posted July 7, 2012

The rise of Asia in the world of PR

These days the media is filled with stories about Asia’s economic advance, and the public relations industry is no exception to the regional macroeconomic trend. If the business momentum of Burson-Marsteller in […]

Posted August 17, 2010

Au revoir to Canada

In a few hours my family and I leave Canada to re-join the 2.8 million our our fellow citizens overseas. We do so with mixed feelings, the nature of which I would […]

Posted February 28, 2010

Two weeks into a great PR job

The expression ‘drinking from the fire hose’ seems an apt one for my first two weeks as the new CEO of Burson-Marsteller in Asia-Pacific. In starting a new job in the information […]

Posted February 16, 2010

Apology PR: Asia’s latest export to the world?

When I moved from North America to North Asia in 2002, South Korea was roiled by the horrible death of two young school girls who were run over by a U.S. military […]

Posted January 15, 2010